Municipal Department Searches

Municipal searches are informational searches that encompass Building Department and Fire Department records. Information about the abutting street is also provided.

A Building department search will show the Certificates of Occupancy and Building permits that are currently associated with the subject premises. Certificates of Occupancy and Building Permits are proof that the local building codes and zoning ordinances have been complied with. They will also show the characteristics of the premises, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, etc. This is important to both the buyer and seller of the premises. If a lending institution is involved in the transaction, these searches are also key. Be advised that “Open” building permits that are more than a year old will constitute a violation and postpone a closing until the permit is converted to a certificate of occupancy of any other appropriate designation. For instance, there is an open permit for a finished basement. The basement is finsihed but the premises was never inspected by the building inspector. Therefor, no certificate has been issued and thus no proof of compliance with the local building ordinances. This open permit constitutes a violation.

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