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Assured Abstract will guide you through the complicated title process in order to ensure your closing is seamless.

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Assured Abstract is committed to delivering accurate, detailed information quickly. Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals who are proactive, thorough, and efficient to ensure the highest level of quality service you can count on.

Assured Abstract is one of the most reliable title companies that I have worked with. They are very responsive to inquiries, provided the title report to me without delay, and, most importantly, clear the file to close in a very timely manner. Hope Ruby has also been a great point of contact; she continually ensures that I have all the resource I need in order to provide the best service to the prospective purchaser. In an industry where the majority of the heavy lifting is based on the level of service, the service provided by Assured Abstracts is, by far, the best I have seen. I look forward to having many more transactions with Assured Abstracts.

Chris Miao, Esq.

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