While it may not “take a village” to find the home of your dreams, it does take a “team” of key people to ensure that you not only find the best property but that you are able to successfully purchase it. Below are the three key team members you need to gather before you even begin your search.

1. Licensed Salesperson – Your agent is going to be an extension of you on your journey to finding a home, doing most of the leg work to sort through properties and present the best options based on your criteria. You will want to find an agent that is experienced in the marketplace and has the backing of a brokerage firm with access to the most up-to-date property database. When considering an agent, make sure to pay attention to how well they listen to you and your needs. Your agent should understand your needs and wants but also be able to educate you on the current market to help you set realistic goals for your home finding process.

2. Mortgage Lender or Bank – Choosing a lender can be a daunting task. Your agent should be able to recommend someone, but you can also ask friends or business associates for a referral. Getting a referral from your agent or someone you know can be helpful if they have a relationship with the lender and have worked with them before. No matter who you are considering, you will want to check their credentials and make sure they are in good professional standing. You will also want to learn as much as you can about mortgages and determine what kind of borrower you are so that you can ask the right questions.

3. Attorney — Your attorney will be responsible for reviewing your contract of sale and securing your title insurance. Again, most experienced agents can recommend someone they regularly work with or you can ask friends, family or business associates who they might recommend. Again, it is important that the attorney is familiar with the marketplace is in good professional standing. You will also want to make sure they are communicating with you every step of the way. Sometimes property transactions can become complicated and issues can arise that may affect everything from your ability to purchase the property to your closing date. Having an attorney that lets you know what is going on is crucial.